About Us

Apartment Rentals & Home Gyms


Accountability Fitness holds you accountable by having your own Health and Fitness coach come to you. You can ask  your residence if we our in their network of Personal Trainers. If we our not no worries we our more than happy to reach out to them and permission.  

Commercial & Private Clubs


We come you, have a certified trainer and health coach workout with you and hold you Accountable. 1st for your health and then your appearance. Weight-loss, Muscle toning and building. Celebrity and Professional Sports, NPC, IFBB.

 We don't take any excuses, 24/7 personal training, weekly custom menus, No Contracts & Payment Arrangements, 

Corrective Exercises & Stretching. Home gym or apartment


Training the body with Ache and Pains is no fun, Reasons why we don't workout, ok excuses why we don't workout. 

Injuries, Age, Obesity, Back Pain, Knee Pain, To Tired, Depression and so much more.

We work with you at your pace to get you moving even in your own home.  Corrective Exercise with N.A.S.M 

 abilities to avoid injury—helping them move, feel and live loger